High School Chemistry Videos

I ran across this website that not only has great videos, but also has problems to print out to go with the videos.  I am planning ahead and we will put this site to good use :).






Math practice

I found a new site that is great for practicing math concepts and reinforcing lessons.  It is great for giving students immediate feedback and most concepts are finished with a quiz.




Math Material

I just found this great resource for math. It has lessons, coursework, and a teaching guide. I also found a youtube website that has matching videos.
This site also has material for other age groups in addition to language arts:

Science experiment



This is a really neat experiment.  We studied cells at the beginning of the year and discussed the hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties of the plasma membrane.   I think this will be a fun way to reinforce this and other concepts we have studied.

I found this post on Facebook and I was really excited to try this with my son.  However, I was a little disappointed in the posts that were added, for example:  “I have done this it is super cool. I have no idea what we learned but so cool”  What is the point in doing this if you don’t know why.  This was one of my biggest complaints about how the public schools taught science. They would do fun experiments with the kids to try and get them excited about science, but the kids could not tell why they saw what they saw.  ugh!!!  Why not just take them to a magic show instead?